Introduction to Virtual Reality Coding

We develop our participants
from age 12 to 100 - hands-on

We are here to help you code and build virtual reality

At this Hands-On Session you will be introduced to coding Virtual Reality Worlds and application development within this period of time , you will be at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution on completion of this event , no matter your skill level

The first Virtual Reality bootcamp in SA

Acclearn is The Only
organisation providing this

We are here to help you code and build Virtual Reality

There is a high demand for Virtual Reality (VR) developers and programming skills in South Africa and the rest of the world. But in order for you to be equipped with such rare skills is(or was) nearly impossible in Africa before the existence of ACCLEARN. The Bootcamp will put you among the top 5% of ICT job seekers. If you get started you will become a master. Sign up for the bootcamp and get started!


We’ve made Coding
easier for you to get started

coding is the future of all industries

You don't have to be a genius to code, do you have to be a genius to read?"

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speaker 01

Dr. Allen Mutono (PhD)

How we are using Accelerated learning with Virtual Reality to deliver better lives for Africans and a better future for the continent. We are leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution of africa

073 021 0294

speaker 02

Abubaker Basajbaka

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is the fourth major industrial era since the initial Industrial Revolution. It is disrupting almost every industry in every country.

074 446 6506

speaker 03

Mystery Guest

we have a surprise for you. so stay tuned and be prepared to be wowed by the surprise guest which we will give an exclusive talk

speaker 04

Gift Mogeni

all things programming !

063 851 0934

sl session By Who? time
01 Arrival of Coders Coders 09:00am
02 Welcome to AccLearn Dr. Allen Mutono (PhD) 10:00am
03 4th Industrial revolution: Implications for the workplace Abubaker Basajjabaker 10:15am
04 Accelerated Learning with Virtual Reality Dr. Allen Mutono (PhD) 10:35am
05 Virtual Reality Onboarding Session Gift Mogeni 10:50am
05 Coding tutorial Gift Mogeni 11:30am
06 Coding Session Everyone 13:00pm
07 Snacks and Refreshments Everyone 15:00pm
08 Day One Conclusion Gift Mogeni 15:50pm
sl session By Who? time
01 Return of Coders Coders 09:00am
02 Q&A Session David Mukasa 10:00am
03 Testing your apps Everyone 10:30am
04 Improving your apps Gift Mogeni 11:30am
05 App Debuging and Troubleshooting Gift and David 13:30pm
06 Snack Break Everyone 14:00pm
07 Demos by Coders Coders 15:00pm
08 Announcements and Wrap up Dr. Allen Mutono (PhD) 15:00pm

Less Than 25 spaces available

We only take a limited number of participants for our exclusive bootcamps, less than 25 spaces left , hurry up and secure your space to future of the world

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